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LtoR my HW55T, FWB 124T Walther LGVS, Diana 60. All refinished.

Customized Sheridans--Model C Silver Streak, Blue Streak, and model A Super Grade

Tuning, repair, & customizing services provided for- FWB, Beeman, Walther, RWS/Diana, and HW Airgun springer’s

Specializing in --FWB 124/127-- Walther LGV series--RWS/Diana and (Giss double piston guns)-

Beeman R7,R8,R9,R10,R11 and all

associated HW Break-barrel springer rifles, including -HW30,50,55,80,95,98, and HW-77 and HW97K under levers.

Using only Maccari lubes and parts

Sheridan and Crosman rebuild and customizing

Turn around time 2-3 weeks

Tuning consists of--- Complete disassembly, clean and polish all moving parts, and installing Maccari tune kits or parts as requested. Trigger lubrication and adjustments

Provide detailed tune report including Chronograph reports before and after tune.

Available Upgrades include

Installation of Brass safety buttons, sling swivel installation--including recessed swivel cup on forearm bottom of R7, Walther LGV series, HW55, Diana 60 series, and others---- This allows for a smooth grip on the bottom of the forearm when a sling is not attached. (email for pictures).

Stock customizing/refinishing- Scratch and dent removal, complete refinish, new butt pads, trigger guards, checkering, etc.

Bluing touch-up.

Email or call with any questions, and for pricing. [email protected] or call 603 903 5368.

Thanks for stopping in, Scott Blair